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Seniors find themselves wanting to move for a variety of reasons, they may decide to move because they need to downsize if their current home requires too much maintenance, they may have health reasons that require them to move to a home that is one level or into a place that has assisted living, or they may just want an easier lifestyle.  Whatever the unique needs a senior may have, it is important to find a real estate agent that will take the time to walk them through the home buying and selling processes, because let’s face it they may have lived in their house for a long time!  


 Because the process of selling a house and moving can be daunting for anyone, it can be especially so for people who have not moved for many years, that is why it is important to find a realtor that will have the time, knowledge and resources to help someone through this process.  Having the clients’ best interests in mind should be the top priority and the process should start well before the clients are ready to move.  The first thing that both the seller and real estate agent should do is walk through the house and determine what the seller is prepared to do to get the house ready for the market.  They might decide that items need to be boxed up to make the house more show worthy or maybe there are some things that are worn or outdated that the seller hasn’t noticed before.  This might be the time that the seller decides  to hire a decluttering expert or enlist family members to help them box up cherished memories for the move and donate items that they will not be taking with them.  The seller may also decide to hire an inspector to do a pre-inspection to determine what safety issues should be addressed before listing the house.  On the other hand, they may decide that too many fixes are not something they want to take on and want to list their property as is.  Either way, these conversations will be important to the agent so they can pull up the correct comparables and give the seller the most accurate picture of what they can expect to sell their home for.   This process can take several weeks and the right agent will continue to check in to make sure things are moving along and the seller is feeling comfortable.  This may be the hardest part because for elderly sellers, especially if they raised their family in the home, there could be strong emotional attachments to their property.  


Once the seniors are ready to sign the listing paperwork, things can begin to happen fairly quickly, so again it is important to have an agent who will walk them through every step of the process and be comfortable keeping the lines of communication open via phone calls and face-to-face meetings.  Not all seniors are comfortable texting or signing documents electronically so the agent needs to know how the clients want to handle touch points and paperwork. Meanwhile, the senior seller may also be looking for their next property, so it is important that the agent knows exactly what they need.


There are a variety of options for seniors looking to down-size.  Ranches are popular with folks who don’t want to worry about stairs but are still independent and want the space and outdoor area that a ranch can afford.  Condos and one story ranch townhouses are also nice options for those who want independent living without the hassle of caring for a yard. 55 and over communities are great as they can have all of these types of homes in the same community and also offer amenities such as a pool, walking trails, a club house and social activities.  Those who require more physical care may opt for assisted living which can offer apartments and different types of social activities.  Assisted Living facilities will need to be toured with family members as they more resemble rentals and require evaluations for care.


Once seniors make the decision to move they need to find the right people that can help them. A good agent will be patient, honest and have valuable resources to help their clients.  Most importantly older sellers need to work with someone that they trust and know will have their best interests at heart.  The Lee Ernst Group is comprised of agents that made real-estate their careers because they want the very best for their clients, understanding that each client is unique and has their own set of circumstances.  Let us know how we can help you!

By: Carrie Ernst

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